Shark Tank Doesn’t Welcome Women

We knew there was a reason why we didn’t like Shark Tank. That’s the ABC business-reality series in which a panel of five venture capitalists are pitched potentially profitable new ideas by inventors. There’s only one woman on that panel of five, and that’s real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Barbara feels women are not adequately represented on the panel and having an even number of both sexes would make for better TV. Producers, specifically one named Clay Newbill, believe that women would “argue with one another and fight” and it might become snark tank. We agree with Barbara that THAT is an absurd, insulting, and antiquated notion. Amazingly, Newbill assumes women have bigger egos than men when, in fact, they are proven to be more cooperative and less competitive. Misogynistic producers like Newbill need to be retrained, and Barbara might be the woman to do it.

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