L Ron Hubbard Gets Closer To Perfection Every Day

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

L Ron Hubbard Gets Closer To Perfection Every Day

Here’s an interesting story we just heard about Scientology: A source told us about a friend who was experienced in editing and touching up and restoring photographs. This young woman was hired to work at a Scientology center and her job description was to work on the archival collection of photos of L Ron Hubbard,the founder of Scientology, and make sure all photographs of him were flattering. In his early years the science fiction writer ran with a bar-hopping boozy bunch of writers in LA. He was a messy guy and all evidence of THAT was unacceptable. Undesirable items were to be removed from pics– all liquor glasses and bottles, cigarettes, and maybe a bottle of pills that could be seen in the background, disappeared. And Hubbard was prettied up – spots were erased from his clothing, his hair was neatened up. Unattractive companions were also removed. All archival photos would eventually be re-imagined in ideal perfection. Before the job was finished, however, our girl was fired because someone overheard her on the phone talking about a wild night she had experienced and her behavior was judged as unseemly. So someone else was hired for the position of glorifying L Ron Hubbard.

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