Johnny Depp Returns To Sunset Strip

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Johnny Depp Returns To Sunset Strip

Johnny Depp is redeeming himself in the eyes of his fans by being generous to his exgirlfriend Vanessa Paradis and buying her and their children a house in Los Angeles. The 4.4 million dollar Mulholland Drive mansion has 5,800 sq ft and all the frills including a pool. Johnny, who seems not as enchanted by France as he once was, owned a mansion above Sunset Strip for years before he started a family. It’s likely he’s found another hillside place for himself, not far from his kidsLily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9. He’s been seen several times on Sunset – occasionally jamming with bands at clubs, and not long ago at Pink Taco.

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