When Heidi Klum Finally Speaks, She Tells The Truth

We’ve never been huge Heidi Klum fans (we find her a bit stiff on Project Runway) but since she decided to divorce Seal (whom we never liked) we appreciate her more every day. Her behavior and attitude has been impeccable when it came to the split and it’s apparent she really DOES care about her children’s feelings and not just her own. Months after the separation, she was photographed looking chummy with her bodyguard Martin Kristen and Seal leaped at the chance to belittle her. He came to regret his hasty “fornicating with the help” comments and apologized. Now Heidi has admitted she DOES have feelings for Martin and has trusted him with her family for four years. She honestly says she doesn’t know where the relationship will go, if anywhere. What we learned to admire about Heidi is she’s quiet when she should be, and doesn’t LIE.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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