Bankrupt Betsey Johnson Bounces Back With Reality Show

You haven’t seen the last of Betsey Johnson! Betsey has been a fashion icon to fun-loving girls since she started at Paraphernalia in the 1960’s. She always designed affordable colorful party dresses for girls who like to have fun. Through the years she’s had her own clothing lines and a chain of stores that just went bankrupt. Now she’s landed her own reality show called “Betsey and Lulu” and it stars her and her daughter Lulu, and Lulu’s two little girls. On the series, the colorful Betsey will rebuild her business and Lulu will start her own. We were lucky to see one of Betsey’s runway shows in the 80’s at a punk club in New York where all the models were hosed down and soaking wet as the highlight of the show! It’s nice to see her surviving bankruptcy…

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