The Master Is Another Crushing Blow To Scientology

Although the movie “The Master” was heavily played DOWN as a take-off onScientology before its release, it turns out to be quite a criticism of the cult. A few years back, Hollywood was afraid to even use the WORD Scientology in a joking way. Lawsuits were a huge threat. Jokes on sitcoms were deleted to avoid litigation. But Scientology seems to be spectacularly losing its power in the wake of the Travolta sex scandal and Tom Cruise divorce. Journalists are freely writingcritical essays on the subject (Vanity Fair, for instance) and drop-outs from the cult are telling all. Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie “The Master “ is a breakthrough because the main character based on L Ron Hubbard is a 50’s science fiction writer and a con-man, and its excellent reviews indicate that it will be seen by many people. Scientologists are complaining, but no one cares. This movie couldn’t have been made fifteen years ago when Scientology bullied Hollywood and magazine writers and we know this from personal experience. A Hollywood insider told the NY Post: “Scientology membership is now an admission of gullibility.”(Photo: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix star in “The Master.)

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