Kato Kaelin Might Have Had A Very Different Life If He’d Told The Truth

Whenever we ran into Kato Kaelin through the years, we couldn’t help thinking“You could have been a HERO!” After the OJ Simpson trial we made a point of telling him that, but since then we only think it. He’s a likeable guy but proved himself to be a COWARD when he avoided saying anything during the trial that might make OJ look guilty. For a long time after the trial, he was despised by people appalled by the injustice to Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and fact that smirking murderer OJ was set free. Apparently Kato was scared stiff of telling the whole truth – but if he HAD, he would have been celebrated for the rest of his life for getting a vicious murderer locked up. Kato’s future might have been very different. Last we heard, Kato had an online sports show at FilmOn.com. Meanwhile, we’re curious to find out where Cindy Adams got that quote from Kato in her column today declaring OJ guilty – Kato denies all.

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