Elvis Presley’s Girlfriend Sheila Ryan Lived For The Men In Her Life

We were sorry to hear that Sheila Ryan Caan died last week . We met Sheila back in the 70’s when she was dating Elvis Presley. She wasn’t a quickie- she actually dated him for at least a year and he paid her rent and bought her a car and who knows what else. She was a pretty, natural looking blonde from Chicago and as soon as she and Elvis split she started seeing James Caan, who tried to out-do Elvis when it came to gifts. Her marriage to Caan wasn’t great, but they had a talented son Scott, now a successful writer and actor on Hawaii Five-O. Sheila was sweet and well-meaning, but problematic. Her life always revolved around the men she was with and she never made the effort to develop her own talents, so her later years were not as happy as her early years.

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