Amber From Love Is Blind Dyed Her Hair

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Amber Love Blind Dyed Hair,

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited about the Love Is Blind finale — which is dropping on Netflix tonight — we also found out there will be a reunion special, too. On March 5th, the entire cast, including the couples that made it to the alter (and those that didn’t), will be sitting down together to rehash the season and give fans an update on where their relationships stand today. Spoiler alert: Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are seemingly still together — but you might not recognize one of them.

The pair recently filmed a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, which just aired on the platform’s Youtube channel, and from the thumbnail alone, fans can see that post filming, Pike dyed her hair bright blonde.

“Yep, it’s new,” Pike laughs, referencing her freshly-highlighted hair, a drastic change from the natural chestnut-brown color fans are used to. “She’s going through a lot of life changes right now,” Barnett teased, an apt segue into the rest of the interview, in which the couple talks about their experience as guinea pigs in the blind-love experiment that has now become a pop-culture phenomenon.

An Instagram dive proves that Pike actually dyed her hair a few weeks ago, according to her Instagram timestamp. “Oh hello blonde,” Pike captioned her public reveal.

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A post shared by Amber Pike (@atypicalamber) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:25pm PST

In the photo, Pike credited her colorist, Atlanta-based hairstylist Mylee Quach-Stankowitz, who posted a dramatic before-and-after on her own Instagram page and confirmed that the brown was in fact Pike’s natural hair color. “Thanks for letting take your hair-ginity,” Quach-Stankowitz captioned the color transformation.

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A post shared by Mylee Quach-Stankowitz (@lifewithmyleeqs) on Jan 30, 2020 at 4:57pm PST

For now, the color change is just fueling our anticipation for tonight’s finale and next week’s reunion special, where we’ll see Pike’s new look and maybe gain more insight into the existential question: Is love blind? Or really, really blonde?

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