Never Mind The Royals – Here’s The Sex Pistols!

For those who have had it up to HERE with Royals and upper class Brits on TV, we have an exhilarating alternative: The Sex Pistols! Acclaimed Trainspotting director /producer Danny Boyle has started filming a six part series for FX and Hulu called Pistol. It’s based on Steve Jones‘ memoir Lonely Boy and we hear it’s an alluring peek at British street culture in the 1970’s and a refreshing point of view during the formative days of the Sex Pistols. Manager Malcolm McLaren is of course included as well as his and Vivienne Westwood’s original SEX shop on Kings Road. Young British actors that we’ve never heard of have been cast, and they just started filming in London – aiming for release in 2022.

Above, the genuine Pistols posing in front of their final tour bus

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