Corey Feldman ‘S “Rape Of Two Coreys” Documentary Is Still Out There

Corey Feldman, 50, and his wife Courtney turned up for Soulja Boy’s birthday party this week and we wonder if he is still talking about his 2020 documentary called “Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.” Remember, it had a huge build-up when Corey promised to name names of Hollywood pedophiles in the doc and he insisted his life was in danger for doing so. Certainly the arrest of Harvey Weinstein inspired Corey, but it also stole his thunder because women DID name names. Corey called Charlie Sheen a pedophile in the doc (is anyone surprised at THAT?) which Charlie denied. No one picked up his documentary for distribution (but you can see it online for $20) so it didn’t make Corey rich (or get anyone arrested.) He kinda LOOKS like Charlie Sheen in this photo!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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