Don’t Believe Everything Dennis Rodman Tells You

We just learned that a movie is being made about a debauched weekend in 1998 that Dennis Rodman spent in Las Vegas called “48 Hours in Vegas.” This weekend happened right after his team won the 1998 NBA Championships. We remember it well because Dennis Rodman turned out to be a liar. Back then we were writing the gossip column for Star Magazine and we got a call from a source in Las Vegas who could barely contain his laughter. It was around 9AM and the source said he just came across Dennis Rodman passed out cold in the hallway of the hotel the guy was staying at. People had to step over the loudly snoring Rodman to get to their rooms. He must have had QUITE a night. Since we didn’t see this in person, we later contacted Dennis to make sure the item was accurate. He DENIED everything and we had to kill the story. Later, several other sources swore it was 100% true. Dennis’s LIE was a big disappointment. Above, we found this vintage photo of Dennis at a party when we were pumping him for info about his then-girlfriend Madonna and looking for a Madonna tattoo!

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