This Is How Robert Deniro Added Inches In The Bedroom

We had to laugh when we read about former model/actress Carole Mallory’saffairs with famous men in an excerpt from her new book “Picasso’s Ghost” on Page Six. Back in the seventies, party girl Carole was a hot number and slept with numerous celebrities. In 1975, she met Robert DeNiro at the Chateau Marmont and they had a 14 day affair. She was puzzled by the fact that he left his socks on in bed. WE can reveal WHY! In the seventies, everybody wanted to be taller and thinner and actors thought nothing of having their shoes – even running shoes –built up inside to add inches of height. DeNiro took it a step further- we heard that he had his SOCKS built up inside so he’d still be tall in the bedroom. No kidding. It looks like Carole finally validated that piece of ancient but juicy gossip.

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