John Travolta and Scientology

Scientology john travolta

This article was last updated on July 19, 2022

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Considering John Travolta‘s recent involvement with Scientology, we’re left to wonder.

It was once suggested that John could get away with murder because of his position inside the organisation. Tom Cruise has overtaken John as the most powerful celebrity member of the “church.” Rumors are circulating that he is no longer a member of the group he has been a part of since 1975 (remember the Battlefield Earth debacle?). After Kelly Preston’s death from breast cancer in 2020, they began.

That however, Scientologists are staunchly opposed to standard medical procedures like chemotherapy and radiation, which John lauded for the care his wife received. A year ago, John sold his large Clearwater mansion and didn’t look back; he had no intention of returning. A residence there formerly belonged to Tom Cruise. Nowadays, neither John nor anybody else brings up the issue of Scientology in any way. He surely does not want to upset the church’s powerful and dominating influence, which may result in serious consequences. In other words, we won’t know if he leaves Scientology on his own will…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA  John greeting fans outside The Four Seasons hotel in Paris

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