Julia Roberts Caused A Four Cart Pile-up In Malibu

A friend of ours in Malibu needed something quickly from the market and drove toPavilions there. It’s usually not all that busy and easy to get in and out quickly. But that day he found the parking lot jammed with cars searching up and down for a space. After circling the lot numerous times, our source found a spot and dashed in only to find the store packed with people just standing around. “What’s going ON here?” he asked a clerk. The checkout girl whispered “Julia Roberts is shopping and no one wants to leave until they see her!” It seems Julia was oblivious and pushing her cart up and down the aisles while shoppers around her flipped out. When word got around that she was there, shoppers just stopped leaving. Julia is rumored to have bought a house in Point Dume. Actually, Julia should be flattered because Malibu residents are rarely star struck!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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