Most Over-rated And Under-rated Movies Of 2013

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This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The LA Times conducted a very interesting poll to find out which movies that moviegoers considered to be the Most Over-rated and the Most Under-rated this year. “Gravity” came out on top as Most Over-rated and we have to agree. We love Sandra Bullock, but the movie was a lot of fuss about almost nothing. “The Butler” came in a close second – viewers considered it overly sentimental. (We did enjoy it, though.)The winner of Most Under-rated (the best movies that few people saw) was “The East” an eco-thriller starring Alexander Skarsgard – sure enough, we don’t know anyone who saw it, but now we will make a point of doing so. Second Most Under-rated was Chris Hemsworth’s racing movie “Rush” which we saw and enjoyed far more than we expected to. Do you agree with this poll?
(Above, the Under-rated “Rush”)

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