Shailene Woodley Became A Household Name For No Reason

Is anybody else out there sick to death of hearing about and seeingShailene Woodley everywhere you turn? For weeks before Divergent was released, Shailene (whom at first we assumed was some country singer) appeared on every talk show, morning, noon, and night, and she was introduced with Angelina Jolie fanfare before anyone knew who she was. Of course she was also plastered all over magazines, newspapers, and websites. And she was literally unknown. We wondered why she was being shoved down our throats so relentlessly. To make us aware ofDivergent, of course. The movie opened to a healthy 56 million box-office, but it was far behind The Hunger Games’ 152.5 million. Shailene seems like a nice girl, but she’s no Jennifer Lawrence. It wasn’t HER fault, but people were turned off by Shailene’s over-exposure – hopefully it won’t dent her career.

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