Anders Accuses Liepert of ‘Hijacking’ the Voting Process

In the Tory’s nomination race for the candidate for the federal riding of Calgary-Signal Hill, incumbent MP Rob Anders has accused his key opponent, Ron Liepert, of ‘hijacking’ the vote. During a press conference on Thursday, Anders alleged that he will ‘out’ anyone planning to vote in the nomination race that is not loyal to the Conservatives.

Anders suspects that many Liberal supporters are buying memberships in the party in order to support his opponent. He stated that “I think federal Liberals should not have any business buying memberships in the Conservative Party. I think that’s a hijacking of the process. I think that’s against the democratic principles. If they believe in the principles of the Conservative Party, that’s fine, but these people don’t.” Anders stated that Janice Kinch, a former Liberal candidate, is one of the example of ‘temporary Tories.’

However, in response to the allegations, Janice Kinch alleged that she’s never bought a Tory membership, and added that “I have a good reputation. I’m believed in. I’m a person of high integrity and he can’t really do any harm to me, so he’s just grasping at straws, trying to find ways to make him look better or feel better.” In addition to that, former Alberta cabinet minister, Liepert, replied that “I don’t know of a referee that is in charge of saying, ‘you’re a Conservative’ and ‘you’re not a Conservative’. I don’t know how any of the people that he is implicating vote in an election campaign.”

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