Debbie Reynolds Once Had The Most Important Collection Of Hollywood Memorabilia Ever Assembled

For many decades, Debbie Reynolds dreamed of opening a Hollywood museum and through the years she amassed an enormous collection of movie costumes and memorabilia. She approached the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences several times and tried to convince them to join her in the project but they turned her down for some reason. Back in the 90’s Debbie opened a small costume museum in Las Vegas and invited us to see it. It was a movie fan’s dream and only hinted at the rest of her collection. Sadly her little museum went bankrupt and Debbie had most of her money invested in her collection. She had no choice and had to auction off two thirds of the collection. NOW the Academy announces they are building a Hollywood museum! Debbie COULD donate what’s left of her collection to the Academy but she won’t. She told the Hollywood Reporter that she was “hurt” by their earlier rebuffs. Shame on the Academy for not having the foresight to realize the importance of her collection!
(Avove, Debbie’s last two auctions)

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