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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Leaking is ‘in’ these days ! A new website Bollyleaks have leaked several untold secrets of Bollywood. We leak some of the leaks Bollyleaks had leaked to us :
Government of India paid 50 crore to stop work on each remake movie Ram Gopal Verma was producing. A Home Minister official had reasoned that the monies were paid following the public outrage over Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag. The government was afraid more such movies would lead to accusations by International Community of inaction towards mass torture.
A cable said that Producers of Tees Maar Khan paid millions to each of 4 members of audience in a movie hall to sit throughout the movie. Additional four million were paid if they didn’t faint during the movie.
Another cable revealed that Ministry of Health paid millions of rupees to Kareena and Kangna to stop moving around in size zero figures lest they encourage more girls to shun food. Both actors took the money. Kareena used the money to buy good quality food and hired services of a dietitian. Kangna, on the other hand, ate up the currency notes itself and thus didn’t gain any size.  
Yet another cable revealed that US and India were planning joint military action against severe public nuisance caused by wannabes like Malika Sheravat, Rakhi Sawant, Paris Hilton et al. But plans were spooked by concerns that if by any chance Rakhi were to survive the military action her verbal attack and theatrics could have been too much for both the militaries and general public to handle.
Bollyleaks surprisingly had the very lastest of the cables as well. It was revealed that very recently Government of India did not agree to requests of Libya rebels to lease Sunny Deol to them for a few days. Rebels were sure that Sunny alone could have taken care of Gaddafi forces. But the reason that the Government gave was that when Sunny fights he shouts too much and that might disturb the overtly sensitive Europeans up north. 
More leaks on the way… !!

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