Aa Dekhen Zara re-release is nothing short of redemption – Bipasha Basu

Aa Dekhen Zara saw a reasonable wide re-release this Friday. Arriving at more than 170 screens, Aa Dekhen Zara is expecting that a wide segment of audiences that couldn’t see the film on it’s 27th March release would eventually be able to see this thriller around ‘future watch’ since it is now arriving at national chain of multiplexes as well. “The film was promoted quite aggressively prior to its release but because of multiplex issue, it couldn’t arrive all over. It saw a poor release and that was disheartening since we all were so positive about the film”, says Bipasha Basu who is hopeful that Aa Dekhen Zara would be able to strike rich second time around. The film hadn’t arrived on national chain of multiplexes due to things heating up on the front of producers’ v/s multiplex stand off. Even though the strike was officially supposed to commence from 4th April onwards, Aa Dekhen Zara was actually the first to be impacted. “I personally know of so many people who wanted to go and watch the film then but couldn’t find theaters that were screening it”, rues Bipasha. “I hope there is good awareness amongst audiences now and they do go and watch the film. It’s very close to Neil, Jehangir (the film’s director) and of course me.”
The film was graced by fairly decent reviews with the thriller element working in its favour. “See, critics and audiences reviewed the film and they had good things to say about it”, Bipasha says, “Well, that’s nice because sometimes reviews are not too positive as well. What is good is good; what is bad to bad. It’s ok because we are in a business where we are bound to be judged by millions out there.” She adds in a matter of fact tone, “What you can do is work hard and hope that audiences like your work as well. But yes, it is particularly disappointing when you work and it doesn’t even reach out to audiences; something that happened in case of Aa Dekhen Zara.” The film has released at a time when another movie based on the subject of ‘looking into future’ – Kal Kissne Dekha – has arrived as well. Moreover, Aa Dekhen Zara has not just seen a DVD release already but has also arrived on DTH. “Add to that piracy and free cable transmission”, comments Bipasha, “So yes, there are so many factors that are definite roadblocks when a film re-releases. However, the fact remains that a) there has been a dearth of new releases and b) quite a few people want to watch a movie for the first time on the big screen rather than DVDs. So here is keeping fingers crossed and expecting them to go and watch Aa Dekhen Zara.” Last but not the least, the re-release of Aa Dekhen Zara would be a redeeming moment for Bipasha and the rest, right? “Of course yes”, Bipasha is quick to respond, “It is nothing short of redemption. After all, the film was penalized because of no reason. Now it’s re-release has only resulted in much positive feeling. I am very happy.”

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