Is Hrithik Roshan all set to direct a film?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Is Hrithik Roshan planning to turn director soon? Going by his interest level he has shown from behind the camera during the shooting of his latest film Kaabil, it seems Hrithik is heartbeats away from turning to direction.

Proud father Rakesh Roshan confirms that Hrithik Roshan is indeed gearing for direction. “Hrithik surely will direct a film, although I can’t say when. He has assisted me on several of my films before he was launched as a hero in Kaho Na… Pyar Hai. So you could say he has been training for direction for a very long time.”

However, while Rakesh Roshan completely discounts all suggestion that he or Hrithik contributed to the direction of Kaabil, he admits the three worked in a collaborative spirit. “I went to the sets only on the first day to give the first ‘clap’. After that it was Sanjay Gupta’s baby. But yes, our involvement was there throughout, as Sanjay, Hrithik and I were on the same page. There were no ego issues among us.”

Rajesh is very proud of Hrithik’s achievement as an actor in his new film. “Kaabil will showcase how good an actor HR is. Just look at how many different characters he has portrayed in a short span of time.”

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