“In order to give a proper certification, we shouldn’t be pressurized so strongly” – Prasoon Joshi on Padmavati

“In order to give a proper certification, we shouldn't be pressurized so strongly” – Prasoon Joshi on Padmavati News

Over the past couple of weeks there have been various reports about the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Padmavati. In fact, certain groups have called for a ban on the release of the film, due to which the release of the film came under fire. However, while demands for the ban of the film were still on, it was reported that the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had apparently sent the film back to its makers without a certificate since the form submitted was incomplete.

Talking at the ongoing IFFI, Prasoon Joshi shed light about the way forward for the eventual censorship and release of the film. Taking into consideration all the controversies that have arisen around Padmavati, Joshi added, “I think everyone should observe patience as of now. The anxiety, eagerness surrounding the matter needs to end. Because not ending it is unfair to the CBFC and the board needs time to handle it cautiously. None of these situations were created by the CBFC in the first place but everyone is expecting a solution from us. Hence, we require time and space to figure out everything. I would request everyone, including all from the film fraternity, to provide us with the same so that we can arrive at a fair decision. However, I condemn any kind of violence related to the matter. I do respect emotions but at the same time I also respect filmmakers, the creativity, the varied opinions that exist in the society. I assure that CBFC will arrive at a decision keeping all these elements into consideration.”

Further going on to talk about why the film Padmavati was sent back by the CBFC without receiving a censor certificate and reiterating the fact that despite the current scenario the CBFC would take a neutral view of the film, Prasoon Joshi went on to add, “Whatever decision that CBFC will take will remain to be neutral. The political and law-order decisions will be taken care of by the respective people. Let the CBFC follow its process, for which we require time and I hope that people in all their eagerness provide us with the same. The film’s application [for certification] was submitted only a week ago. The process will take time. We are not a machine that, you will submit the application to on one hand and will receive the certification immediately on the other. It is like how one is sent back when one doesn’t attach their photo on a passport form. In such situations, one will take their form back and complete it and not question the authorities about why the photo is necessary. Just like that, here too, it is the routine process of certification. You cannot convert this normal process into a controversy amidst the media. In order to give a proper certification, we shouldn’t be pressurized so strongly. I request everyone to maintain their calm so that we can arrive at the decision peacefully.”

As of now, while the Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer is yet to be censored and receive a certificate from the CBFC, the release of Padmavati has been delayed.

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