‘Aankhen’ remake with Ranbir Kapoor

Around a year back there were strong talks about Rohit Shetty remaking Sanjiv Kumar starrer Angoor with Shah Rukh Khan. In fact the director and the actor had apparently agreed on the basic premise as well which was inspired by William Shakespeare’s play ‘Comedy of Errors’, only to drop the idea and make Chennai Express instead. Just when the rumours had settled, grapevine has it that Ranbir Kapoor may have been approached to step into the same shoes. The only tiny problem though is that except for Ranbir himself, everyone else seems to be aware about the development.

“Ranbir has absolutely no idea from where are these rumours originating. He hasn’t even heard about any such film and nothing has been offered to him yet. It is strange that his name has been dragged into this so-called remake which is supposed to go on floors soon”, says a close associate of the actor.

The film in question is supposed to be directed by Pahlaj Nihalani, producer of many hit films like Aankhen, Shola Aur Shabnam, Paap Ki Duniya, Aag Hi Aag and Ilzaam. All these films were successful on 80s and 90s though and he was supposed to have shown keen interest in roping in Ranbir Kapoor for his comeback affair.

“He has actually chosen William Shakespeare’s play ‘Comedy of Errors’ which was further adapted into films like Angoor [Sanjiv Kumar, Deven Verma] and before that Do Dooni Chaar [Kishore Kumar, Asti Sen]. Even though he is saying that his film with Ranbir is a remake of his own Aankhen and attributing the source to be Do Dooni Chaar, the fact is that except for the double role bit for both lead actors, there is nothing similar about them. There are too many sources being mixed up here when the fact is that Aankhen had nothing to do with either Do Dooni Chaar or Angoor“, says an insider.

To add to the (unintended) confusion in this (hardly a) comedy of error, there are also talks of not just Ranbir but even Shahid Kapoor signed for the film.

While Shahid Kapoor chose to ignore any such talks and was unavailable for comment, Ranbir was caught by surprise with such so-called ‘developments’. He categorically denied doing any such film and said, “This isn’t true. In fact leave aside working on the film; I haven’t even met Mr. Pahalaj Nihalani.”

Guess the makers are indulging in some real time comedy of errors here!

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