Akshay Kumar’s encounter with a special fan

Recently, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar was shooting a special song, ‘Mere Nishaan’ in the SoBo streets of Mumbai from the film OMG Oh My God.

By now, we all know that Akshay plays a modern day Lord Krishna in the film. The song is special so to say as it portrays God’s vision of his own created world which would surely make it an interesting watch.

While shooting the song in different parts of town, Akshay and the unit found one common thing everywhere they went, a street urchin, Ambar!

Small little Ambar happened to be a big fan of Akshay Kumar and when she came to know he was shooting in the vicinity, she left no stone unturned to catch a glimpse of the star. She followed him all around all day long.

Finally when the news reached Akshay, he met Ambar and made the girl’s dream come true and made her smile.

Seems like Akshay’s screen image of God is rubbing off in real life what with him making people’s dreams come true in reality!

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  1. I wonder how many lies are u telling to fans abour Akshay Kumar? We all know Akshay Kumar doesn’t know anything of what happenin twitter and facebook. Now u r writing on newspaper too. U and Akshay are fakers

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