PC approached to be the face of Forum For Autism

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Even as Barfi! continues to enjoy its sweet run at the B.O., it seems to have done wonders to everyone associated with the film, especially Priyanka Chopra. The news is that after seeing her sensitive portrayal of an autistic person in the film, Priyanka has now been approached by FFA (The Forum For Autism- a support group for parents of autistic kids in the city) to become the face of their organization, as they believe she is the perfect ambassador for their cause.

Talking about this, Chitra Iyer (FFA's trustee) said that even though they knew that she was playing an autistic girl in the film, they were really surprised with what they saw on screen. She also added that Priyanka has done an extremely good job and that she played the part so well, keeping it very close to reality by not overdoing it. Explaining the reason as to why they were keen on having Priyanka on board, Chitra said that Priyanka has done a lot of groundwork to play this part and that she has a clear idea about the lives of autistic people. She also added that Priyanka an intelligent person and will be able to spread the message in the right manner.

And as far as Priyanka's answer to the offer is concerned, Chitra said that she has been very receptive and has promised to do whatever she can towards this cause. Not just that, FFA is also planning to honour Priyanka once she returns to the country from Los Angeles.

Lastly, Chitra added that the makers of the film Barfi! have spread an important message through the film, that autism is not an illness, it's a disorder.

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