Special song to be shot with Hrithik-Kangna in Jordan

It looks like Kangna's grievances with the Roshans regarding Kites has been completely washed away. Not only was she treated like a princess all through the making of Krrish 3, we hear she will be shooting a song with Hrithik this week in Jordan.

Says our source, "Rakesh Roshan will shoot a love song featuring the other pair (Hrithik and Kangna). Since Kangna plays a mutant it was a tricky situation to pull off in the script. Choreographer Raju Khan has come up with steps gestures and movements that require immense body control and subtle facial expressions from both the actors. Hrithik and Kangna have been put through rigorous rehearsals for the number which will be shot in Jordan."

While Hrithik's dancing skills need no corroboration, Kangna too is said to be very skilled on her feet.

During the making of Kites when she had to perform a Salsa dance item with Hrithik, the actor had raved to this writer, "Kangna who was doing these cool steps with me was absolutely smashing. You've to see how well she dances. You won't believe her dance moves. It was …quite something to watch Kangna dance."

One is sure Kangna's dance steps would be "quite something" again with Hrithik. That she has won the Roshans' approval is evident from the way producer-director Rakesh Roshan spoke about her.

Says Rakesh Roshan, "Kangna is very good in Krissh 3. She has a tough role. Very athletic and energetic. Kangna was swift and confident and very hard-working. Yes, we are shooting a romantic song with her and Hrithik in Jordan from October 6. Raju Khan is choreographing it."

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