Lisa Ray reveals she had a cancer relapse a month after wedding, hid it from her husband

Actor Lisa Ray, whose successful battle with cancer remains an inspirational story, recently came over as a guest on Kareena Kapoor Khan's radio chat show What Women Want. Opening about her journey, she also revealed how her cancer had a relapse just a month after her wedding and went on to hide it from her husband.

“I had this beautiful man who had just become my husband and consented to getting married to this woman with this fatal disease, and the first piece of news that I had to share with him was, ‘Baby, thanks for marrying me. By the way, I probably have to go back on treatment.’ That was very difficult but at the same time, I took that as a signal that there was some piece of the puzzle that was missing in terms of the healing journey. So right after that, I started incorporating a lot of nutrition and holistic healing. Ironically, within three months of changing my diet radically, I was in remission,” she said.

Showbiz is a tough business that also demands you to overlook your physical exhaustion and keep working at times. Lisa, who debuted with Mahesh Bhatt's Kasoor in 2001, said she was ignoring the sings that her body was giving away, for the longest time. The denial mode continued until her diagnosis finally happened.

"Being in this business that we both are in, I was actually used to overriding my body signals. Isn’t that something that we all do? You show up and you have got a fever…you can’t go home! You are still expected to perform. So, a doctor shows up, gives you a shot or a pill, and you continue. That had become my default. Basically, I was not tuning into what my body was telling me,” she added.

After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer), Lisa is now required to be on lifelong medication. While carrying a baby herself wasn't much of an option, she and husband Jason Dehni became surrogate parents to twin daughters in 2018.

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