“OTT has democratised creativity and stardom” – Swara Bhaskar

2020 was arguably the worst year of our lives. How do you look back on the year? What is your takeaway from this year?
Gratitude. Gratitude for the blessings of one’s life is my greatest takeaway this year. Gratitude for my family, my friends, for being well-off and privileged, for having a savings enough to survive 8-9 months without earning, gratitude for being healthy. Gratitude for being alive! This year has also made me realize what are the real priorities of one’s life.

"OTT has democratised creativity and stardom" - Swara Bhaskar

The OTT platform has changed the profile of the Hindi film audience. What is your take on cinema versus the digital platform?
OTT platforms have not only changed content by opening up a space for new stories, new characters and new ideas to be accepted, they have also democratised content. They’ve democratised creativity and by giving a platform to talented new and old actors OTT has democratised stardom. It is yet to be seen how the traditional box office determined ecosystem of theatrical cinema will readjust to this change. Something fundamental is happening. Let’s see how it pans out.

In a year of bleakness and massive losses which are the films and performances you liked the most?
This year has been heart-breaking. In the demise of Irrfan sir and Rishi sir we have lost cinema legends and in Sushant’s suicide we have been shown a mirror to all the pain this sparkling world of glamour hides.

What did you think of the events that followed Sushant’s death?
The ugly hysterical-media generated drama that unfolded after Sushant’s death has given us a glimpse of our basest selves as a society. So a lot to introspect for all of us.

There were some ugly run-ins on the social media which you handled with aplomb? What is your take on the toxicity on social media?

Social media should have been a platform that helped us connect across geographical and time and space borders. It was and in some ways is a beautiful possibility. However we have as a society and I mean across the world used it to sink to our lowest selves and indulge our basest instinct: anonymous bullying and harassment. I’ve always believed that there is only one way to deal with bullies: call them out! That’s how I handle social media toxicity.

What are your plans for 2021 to take your life and career ahead?
Work, work, work (smiles).The lockdown has made me miss my work, shooting and being on set tremendously. I want to be busy relentlessly busy with work in 2021.

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