Why Poonam Pandey may never get Bigg Boss!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Why Poonam Pandey may never get Bigg Boss!

While there is considerable hype and hoopla generated about Poonam Pandey and her fans wanting to see her in Bigg Boss, we stumbled upon something that may raise a lot of eyebrows.

An inside source informs us that when Poonam Pandey used to enjoy the peak of her popularity, she was offered the reality show during Season 5.

But to the shock of its makers she quoted an unreasonably astronomical sum of around 2 crores, which really upset them. After this, her fate was sealed and no one got in touch with her for Bigg Boss again.

But now with a dip in Poonam’s one-time popularity after the debacle of her film Nasha, it is said that the publicity crazy gal is desperate to go to Bigg Boss and keeps generating buzz about the same every season. 

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