No sequel to English Vinglish

Everybody wants English Vinglish to go on with its saga. Everybody, except director Gauri Shinde!

While the film's leading lady Sridevi, her husband Boney Kapoor, director Gauri Shinde and the film's producers Eros International have all apparently expressed a desire to see the story being carried forward, Gauri herself remains stubbornly implacable.

Says a source close to the project, "Everyone involved with the project wants the sequel to happen. But Gauri refuses to take English Vinglish forward. Sridevi and Gauri are very close to one another. Sri has even asked her about the sequel. But Gauri is dead-set against it."

Boney spoke on the global impact of English Vinglish. "It's not a film it's a movement. None of us ever thought it would go so far. It's been almost two years since it released. English Vinglish continues to influence audiences all over the world. The latest country to be conquered by this film is Japan. Audiences there have gone crazy over the film. Before Japan it was a resounding success in Korea, Indonesia, even Germany. Everywhere the theme has connected with non-English speaking people. So yes, we'd like to see the story going forward."

When one asked director Gauri Shinde she completely repudiated the notion of a sequel, adding she was working on something else. "I never expected English Vinglish would go this far. I am thrilled that our film is setting out to achieve what it tried to say within the storyline; to break the linguistic barrier, and to make a communication across countries and communities; to bring closer different people from all over the world and bridge the gap between cultures. It's great to see this movement happen. I'd love for as many people to watch it as possible. But a sequel would be too much of a good thing. I am now working on something else."

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