Sonam Kapoor to meet Amitabh Bachchan in theaters – Plans stay on for Dolly Ki Doli and Shamitabh clash

This could well be a David v/s Goliath moment for Sonam Kapoor but then it is happening indeed. Sonam Kapoor, whose film Dolly Ki Doli was fixed quite some time back for release on February 6, recently had an unexpected competitor in the form of Amitabh Bachchan, what with his Shamitabh also being fixed for the same date. However, contrary to what one may assume, her film is sticking to its release plans.

"That's right, Dolly Ki Doli won't make any shift from the original plan," says a source connected to the film, "We had planned for the release long time back and now if Shamitabh has decided to arrive on the same date, so be it. In any case, it would be impractical to assume that you would have a solo release on your platter. If not Shamitabh, some other film would have come up. Even if we arrive a couple of weeks earlier or later, even then there would be competition. Why to run away? Moreover, it is better to come along with Shamitabh since its genre is entirely different from that of Dolly Ki Doli."

Ironically, Shamitabh also features Dhanush, Sonam's co-star from Raanjhanaa, in a parallel lead alongside Amitabh Bachchan.

"Such things happen and a big issue is made about it only if someone is hungry to create any controversies," an insider adds, "Clashes would always take place, unless you are a Khan or a Kumar or a Devgn or a Roshan. Only they can get a solo release; rest everyone else would always have competition alongside. It is fine as well since around 100 notable films are released each year in Bollywood. There would always be two or more films arriving on most of the weekends and February 6 is no exception."

On contacting, the Eros spokesperson confirmed that Shamitabh, which is co-produced and directed by Balki would indeed be arriving on February 6. On the other hand, on being asked about chances of film's release being moved around, Dolly Ki Doli producer Arbaaz Khan sent a text stating – 'We had confirmed our plans way back. We are sticking to 6th February'.

Guess this is one 'doli' which would indeed be accompanied by Shamitabh just a week before everyone gets ready to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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