Shraddha Kapoor is keen on getting her parents names inked

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Shraddha Kapoor is keen to get inked. She has been considering it for a while now.

Infact she wants to get the names of her parents inked but has been mulling over the design, font and also which part of her body.
It has been a good year for Shraddha with back to back successes. She feels her success is largely because of her parents who have supported her and helped her through the process.  She wants to get their name engraved as a gesture.

Her parents’ names are Shakti & Shivangi so she has been thinking if she should do a combination or keep it symbolic or individually get them imprinted.

A tattoo is something which will stay with her forever and so she wants to be double sure before she decides.

Also – being an actress, where she will have to play different characters, she just wants to be sure that it does not restrict her as an actor.
Shraddha has actively been talking to her friends and people around her for suggestions. She has been finding the correct meaning of their name and doing research online on the creatives.

Shraddha is very close to her parents and often discusses things with them.

Even when the young actress recently decided to buy a car for herself – she wanted to get a mini cooper and after a discussion with them she settled and bought a merc.

The actress counts on them for most of her decisions

and she feels having their name on her will give her the added sense on how they are always there.

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