Parsi fire temple to be shown for the first time in a film in Little Zizou

Every time we wind up in a spot, there is just one thing we can do, turn to the Almighty. As for the film Little Zizou, it isn’t stuck at any spot; however it has made a mark on cinema. Folks, we are talking about the first ever Bollywood film that has an entire sequence in a Parsi fire temple. Though there have been plenty of films based on the lives of the Parsi community, Little Zizou which stars Boman Irani and Zenobia Pressvala, created history with this sequence. Speaking about this sequence, director Sooni Taraporevala says, “Though we have extensively shot in baugs (colonies), in and around Mumbai, we didn’t get permission to shoot in the fire temple. Shooting inside the temple is not allowed. So we had to create a set that was representative of fire temple. Luckily, both the people in the shot, Boman Irani and Zenobia Pressvala, were Parsi and they could perform the puja. So the entire ceremony and prayers were authentic.” Little Zizou surely creates a record of sorts by not just having an all Parsi starcast but also giving a peek into the Parsi temple for the Bollywood audiences.

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