Actors who are not on the social network wagon

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In the era of social networking where news, opinions and feelings are shared immediately, there are yet a few celebrities who choose to stay away from the frenzy of social networking sites.

We are constantly engaged and consumed by the social networking bug and feel a need to share and voice their thoughts and opinions, but these celebrities have consciously kept away.

Kangana Ranaut has consciously stayed away from the madness of social networking sites. On the eve of the 28th birthday recently took to the internet a wrote a blog which spoke about her her lows and highs, her struggle and her journey in Bollywood at large.

The recent one to join the social wagon is Sr. Kapoor (Rishi) who recently joined twitter recently even though son Ranbir prefers to stay off it.

Ranbir Kapoor  -There are constant speculation and rumours about him but he has never resorted to signing up on these social platforms. He does not even engage with the media and thinks his work should speak for itself.

Katrina Kaif : While she is very approachable and engages with the media and fans as an when opportunity presents itself she has just stayed away from these platforms.

Aditya Roy Kapur : All his peers Sushant,  Sidharth, Varun are constantly engaging and sharing on social networking sites but Aditya has just stayed away. He has a huge fan following and they have created handles and fan pages which they keep updating but the young actor personally has kept at bay. Aditya is shy and uncomfortable sharing details about him on these sites. Even though he has received a lot of requests…. He somehow has never made the plunge.

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