Shraddha Kapoor cancels her trip with friends due to work commitments

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shraddha Kapoor recently she planned a trip with friends to go explore the sea world in detail.

Shraddha is a licensed scuba diver. The young actor has gone scuba diving a number of times and absolutely loves the experience.

The ace actor was going to visit Micronesia with a group of friends to witness warship wrecks which have been there since World War 2.

Shraddha has been planning this trip since more than two months. There were special permissions and licenses required all of which took some time to come. There was a lot of to and fro and they finally got a date in April for the trip.

It was a 7 day trip and most of her bookings were in place.

However the date they got was then clashing with some of her work commitments. Shraddha had a chunk of dubbing for ABCD 2 to wrap up and also had some brand commitments come up.

Shraddha even started the prep for Rock On 2 for which she has extensive voice modulation classes every alternate day. The classes are necessary for her role and require continuity and practice so she thought it was best for her to cancel her trip.

So while her friends continued on the trip, Shraddha had to cancel her bookings. They sent her pictures all through out to tell her what she is missing upon.

Says Shraddha “I was really looking forward to this trip but I would feel guilty if I would have pushed my work. I will plan something soon.”

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