“I am pregnant” – Vidya Balan

Now when you have Vidya Balan telling you, "I am pregnant", you’d get a shock of your life. You’d tend to look around and see if there isn’t anyone listening to the breaking news, right? So you look around and to your horror see half a dozen people staring at you. Then like a teacher telling a kid, ‘Come on son, fill in the blank’, Vidya completes the blank, "I am pregnant with anticipation for the release of No One Killed Jessica". Smart, ain’t she? A pun in a way when she meant ‘pregnant’ because not only is she busy promoting her film No One Killed Jessica, she has wrapped up her film Kahani too which is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. On further questioning, she quotes, "Working with Sujoy was great fun. Kahani is special because I shot this film in my favourite city: Kolkata. It’s the fourth film I’ve shot there. I’ve seen Kolkata like I’ve never seen before." So when it comes to hard work, you know for sure that Vidya Balan nails it and how. To our surprise, she unquotes her quote, "After Parineeta, I felt that I really worked hard in Ishqiya but after Kahani, I felt that I’ve never worked hard before.

We worked our a** off. It’s about this woman who comes down from London in search of her husband and what a search it was." Suave, smart, hard working, talented and then comes respect. Yes, one of the most respected names when it comes to the field of acting, she doesn’t forget to pay one too to her director Sujoy Ghosh. She comments, "I must say this today that I have the highest regards and respect for Sujoy Ghosh more as a human being. No one in my experience, so far, has been so wonderful at dealing with pressure. I almost felt that the crew were going to lay their lives for him. I’ve seen the worse come out of people in pressure but not Sujoy. God Bless him for that." And God Bless you too Vidya!

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