CBFC cuts violence abuses to facilitate UA for Priyankas film director takes film to tribunal

Priyanka Chopra's next release Jai Gangaajal apparently ran into stormy weather at the CBFC (Central Board Of Film Certification). On seeing the film about the crime mafia and the law, the censor board wanted to grant it an 'Adult' certificate with minimal cuts.

But the film's director was not agreeable to that.

Says a source in the know, "When Prakash Jha was told his film would get an 'Adults' certification without cuts he asked for a 'UA' certificate with cuts, if necessary, as the 'A' certificate severely restricts the audiences' profile and participation".

According to sources, Jha was told by the CBFC how to clean out his soundtrack and visuals of verbal and physical violence to make Jai Gangaajal eligible for a 'UA' certification.

Says the source, "On Tuesday Prakash Jha made the changes suggested by the censor board and went home with a 'UA' in place of an 'A' certificate. This will be the CBFC's work procedure in future. If producers aim at a specific censor certification they may edit the film voluntarily according to the censorial guidelines, or be willing to take an 'A' certificate if the content is found to be too explicit."

Jai Gangaajal is a good two months away from release. Apparently Prakash Jha wanted an early censor certification as he intends to enter his film for the National awards.

In the latest development, Prakash Jha has decided to take his film to the CBFC's Tribunal to appeal against the cuts.

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