When Alia Bhatt proved why shes the best student of Karan Johar

When Alia Bhatt proved why shes the best student of Karan Johar

The theatrical trailer of Kapoor and Sons is extremely engaging. I had been eagerly looking forward to the video interview with Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan and Siddharth Malhotra. When the interview did happen, we didn't get as much time as we wanted but still it was a fun filled frothy interaction that is being lapped up by the world wide audience of Bollywood Hungama. For the very first time we played a segment for which the fight between the young stars became legitimate as they could win something. The prize was a Bollywood Hungama goodie in the form of a swanky headphone. We played a quiz, 'How well do you know Karan Johar' since Mr. Johar is the producer of the film and also a mentor to the three sparkling stars.

The tone of the quiz was set from the very first question itself as Alia and Siddharth raced towards the answer. Fists were pumped in the air on getting ahead and the Students were ready to outdo each other. Fawad had a grouse that since he's not so well versed with Bollywood, he may lose out. He brandished his mobile phone and started Googling. At one point of time, Fawad wanted to go for a tea break and then he smartly picked up the goodie bag and walked off. Siddharth was enjoying the proceedings and also knew several answers. The Dharma team leaked an answer from behind the camera. I requested them, "Please cooperate." (I meant please cooperate by not telling answers). Pat came the reply, "Cooperate hi to kar rahe hain." (By shelling out answers). The atmosphere was charged with passion both in front of the camera and behind the camera.

With two hunks on her either side, Alia Bhatt didn't get distracted and hit the finishing line with an emphatic win. She gave the due respect to the Bollywood Hungama goodie bag by dedicating it to her mom Ms Soni Razdan. Karan Johar had said recently that whatever little fortune that he shall leave behind, Alia will be the rightful heir of that. Ms Bhatt just proved why KJo is so fond of her. We bring you the pictures from that prized moment on a coveted day when Alia is celebrating her birthday. Happy birthday Alia! Please always retain that larger-than-life laughter. It looks great on you. Enjoy!

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