Meet Indias youngest superstar Sairat actress Rinku Rajguru

Meet Indias youngest superstar Sairat actress Rinku Rajguru

The 15-year old Sairat star Rinku Rajguru has taken the box-office by storm. The last time a newcomer made such an impact was when Dimple Kapadia stormed theatres with Bobby.

And she too was 15!

Rinku communicates in broken Hindi. When I tell Rinku about Dimple she expresses surprise, "Really? She was 15? I was even younger when I started shooting for Sairat. Now I am 15. It feels like so much time has passed since we got together to make this film."

Like any normal 15-year old, stardom is something Rinku had not bargained for. "I was in school when Nagraj Sir offered this film. Suddenly my life changed."

Rinku is no longer able to do normal things. "Everywhere there are people following me. 'Didi, ek selfie… Didi, ek selfie.' People much older than me call me 'Didi'. My co-star Akash and I are followed everywhere. It is unnerving," says the joyous and the youngest superstar of India.

Then comes the shocker. "Much as I got to learn about acting during the shooting of Sairat, I don't want to be an actress. I want to finish my studies and become a doctor."

She is concerned about the days lost during shooting. "I am in Class 10. And lagging behind because of the shooting. I somehow gave my exam by cramming for fifteen days. But now that the film is over I want to get back to my studies properly and seriously. Sairat just happened. I am not thinking of a career as an actress."

At the moment she's enjoying every bit of the attention she's getting for her scene stealing role as Archie in Sairat. "When I see the moist-eyed pride on my parent's face and when my kid brother who's 13 feels proud his sister is getting recognition, I feel happy. I was not prepared for any of this. Nagraj Sir (director Nagraj Manjule) had warned me and my co-star Akash that we wouldn't be able to step out of the house without being mobbed. Now when it's actually happening it feels like I am in a dream."

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