Even after a decade, I am considered a newcomer – Madhavan

Madhavan has been around for close to a decade and has been slowly but steadily making his presence felt in Bollywood. However, one question that he continues to answer is around his presence in solo lead films. Not that he minds answering that because he believes that even after a decade, he is still considered a newcomer. Release of 13B has made at least one man really happy – Madhavan. While the film has been a super hit in its Tamil version down South, even the Hindi version hasn’t done bad and has turned out to be the highest grosser for a Madhavan solo. Over the years, Madhavan has worked as a sole lead in two films – Rehnna Hai Terre Dil Mein (Saif Ali Khan was only in a special appearance) and Ramji Londonwaale.

The former which had Madhavan pairing up with Dia Mirza didn’t do much in theaters, though it has been a favorite on satellite and DVD viewing more than seven years after its release. As for Ramji Londonwaale, it was a well made movie but went on to be a box office failure due to poor promotion and release strategy. “Well, I have been busy with my multi starrers though and have been getting good success over the years”, quips Madhavan who will be seen in at least two more multi starrers this year – Sikandar (where he plays an Army officer) and 3 Idiots (where he would be seen with Aamir Khan). “I have to be pretty selective about my films since I have my own market down South to take care of. I can’t let my audience there down by working in any run of the mill film in Bollywood”, he reasons. After doing films like Rang De Basanti, Guru and Mumbai Meri Jaan, all of which found him getting good critical acclaim and were also successful commercially, isn’t it pinching for him when it comes to being better placed in the industry? “If you say so, I will take that as a back handed compliment”, says Madhavan with that boyish grin of his, “I have been here for close to a decade now and I am still asked this question that I should launch myself in an author backed role.” He adds, “Actually, it’s quite fantastic because while so many actors have come and gone in the years gone by, I am still around. While majority have burnt out, I am still happy, smiling and very much available for the makers who want to do some good work with me.” “For someone who has been around for a decade now, I am still considered a newcomer who (as per some out there) deserves a re-launch. Now isn’t that phenomenal”, concludes Madhavan with a question for Bollywood which is forever searching for a quality actor who could pull in mass as well as class audience.

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