Why Shivaay trailer is a big breakthrough for Bollywood

Why Shivaay trailer is a big breakthrough for Bollywood

Months before the release of any film, viewers are treated to the glimpse of what to expect from the film with a trailer. In fact trailers have become a medium by which filmmakers can gauge and analyse the overall audience perception and anxiety towards their film. Well Ajay Devgn's Shivaay whose trailer released on Sunday, August 7, has been making headlines with audiences and critics alike talking about it. We at Bollywood Hungama decided to list down a few points that set the trailer of Shivaay apart from the rest of its Bollywood ilk.

Absence of dialogues: Unlike most trailers that capitalize on one or more dialogues that in essence encompass what the film is, the trailer of Shivaay featured no dialogues from the cast. Instead the trailer relied totally on visuals focusing on each of the actors' ability to convey the message via emotions.

Cutting edge VFX/ CGI: Today visual effects and CGI in films have become common place, but looking at Indian films, there is always that 'X' factor missing from making what is a good looking visual effects sequence an awe inspiring one. However, in the case of Shivaay, the sweeping visual effects and spot on CGI leave the viewer baffled when differentiating between live action and VFX. This seamless integration has worked wonders for the film, with people wanting to see more.

Stunning locations: Bollywood films have always featured scenic if not exotic locations, but seldom do we something apart from the usual locales. Here again the makers of Shivaay have given the film an added advantage by shooting the film in the snow clad Balkan mountains of Bulgaria, a visual that has definitely captured the viewers' attention.

Production value: Evident from the trailer of Shivaay is its high production value, with sweeping visuals that feature the Balkan mountains, the aerial shots, death defying stunts executed perfectly, captivating cinematography, the well planned fight sequences… Shivaay boasts of featuring it all.

Pace and feel: Another aspect of the Shivaay trailer that despite being unusually long at 3 minutes 40 seconds, is the look, feel and pace. The trailer does not lag or drag but keeps the viewer engrossed with plenty of action, detailing what to expect from the film.

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