Kismet Love Paisa Dilli (2012) Movie Review, Details

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Kismet Love Paisa Dilli – Movie Review

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Director: Sanjay Khundari

Cast: Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat

Music: Amjad-Nadeem


Well, finally the cinematic product – Kismet Love Paisa Dilli has come to hit the screens. Why – finally? It is because both Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat have been claiming big for the movie and they were eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Both were out of scene since quite some time – Vivek is out more than Mallika who was just seen in some songs but no movies in pocket. In short, both desperately wanted a film to showcase their talents to the cinema industry to eventually grab them in projects. Thus they grabbed the opportunity but neither could they impress the filmmakers nor the audiences.

The movie carries a super poor script and the plot. The story is simply boring and the scripting over it is laced with whopping amount of flaws. The acting of the leading stars too is such a poor that you want to instantly slip out of the theater. Nothing is praiseworthy in this film. It is a just a time pass product and nothing else.

Well, post this movie, both Vivek and Mallika will hardly find a good scope in Bollywood. To get offers and good banner movies, they will have to prove their mettle. Vivek is a fine actor but what happened with him in Kismaet Love Paisa Dilli is simply weird. Mallika Sherawat is usually a sex symbol and she is roped in to display the skin-show but she can nonetheless act. But sadly she forgot to display her histrionics.

The film is a badly made sex comedy or you can term it a toilet humor which you cannot approve of at all. Vivek tries to over smart with this toilet humor but it does not sit fit on his personality though he can enact comedy but here he simply fails. He plays the role of an utter eve-teaser in pure tapori language ‘thurki’.

The film starts off with Lucky (Vivek Oberoi) who lands up falling for Lovina (Mallika Sherawat) at his buddy’s fashion show called En’gay’ged’ 377. Then he starts following her throughout the night where the night-time mad creatures creep out trapping him in the net of madcap situations and silly pranks. A group of local jat goons appears headed by Kaptaan (Ashutosh Rana) and the naïve cops and sardars come up on the scene in addition to many other characters like bakery boy, the sexy siren character Aarti Utaru (Neha Dhupia) and others.

Where the film carries the bad script, it also features the badly execution. Sanjay Khanduri does not attract and impress the viewers with his direction. Cinemotography is somewhat better. Editing is below average. Music is lackluster and boring.

Vivek Oberoi wastes himself. He simply gets you bored all the way with his poor comedy. Mallika Sherawat shows nothing to capture the eyes. Neha Dhupia’s brief appearance is only for showing the skin. Ashutosh Rana is passable. Rest of the cast is boring.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Kismet Love Paisa Dilli is a boring entertaining comedy which must be avoided.

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