Is There A Clue Hiding In This Pretty Little Liars Poster?

As the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars inch closer and closer (April 18, in case you’re still catching up or need one last seven-season binge), fans are looking for clues anywhere — and everywhere — that they can. The latest leak? Entertainment Tonight reports that Freeform just released the series’ final poster. Of course, eagle-eyed PLL devotees are taking their microscopes to the image and coming up with some insane fan theories. Who’s A, a.k.a. Uber A, a.k.a. A.D.? Nobody will know until the last episodes air, but that’s not stopping the speculation.

April 18. We’re comin’ for you.

— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) March 25, 2017

ET ‘s exclusive look at the season 7B key art (the technical name for a poster…and the second part of season 7) gives us a peek at Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) — albeit in a fittingly mysterious and cryptic collage. The pic was shared by the cast and crew, too, who obviously can’t wait for fans to check it out. From what we can see, there are plenty of smoky eyes, a few perfect blowouts, and the text, “Liars to the end.” A tease? For sure. Any clues? You’ll have to dig deeper.

Why is it that Bellisario is the only one with both eyes fully facing the viewer? Why do the triangles frame her face just so, hinting at the shape of a black hood? Does a big bad always wear a hood? What color is Hale’s lipstick? Oh, that’s not a hint, just something we need to know, stat.

Past PLL posters have given fans something go on — shattered glass, gas masks, a glam police lineup, and a coffin are only a few of the memorable images. Does this poster finally reveal the real identity of A? We won’t know until executive producer and showrunner I. Marlene King wants us to, but one thing’s for sure: Nobody will see it coming.

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