Things To Consider When You Choose A Syracuse NY DUI Attorney For Your Case

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is a severe offense in several places, including New York City. You could be looking at possible jail term, a hefty fine, or the loss of your driving privileges temporarily or permanently.

Once you’ve been charged to court, your best bet is to hire a competent DUI attorney who’ll help you mount a strong defense. While it’s true that getting off the hook is not easy, hiring a lawyer who understands the intricacies of New York's DUI laws can ensure you face lighter penalties or none at all, depending on the details of your case.

If you’re going to be obtaining the services of a Syracuse DUI lawyer, you’ll need to understand what requisites to consider because you can't just snap up the first attorney at law that shows up. In case you’re confused as to what these criteria are, you’re in luck because this article clarifies them.

Here are the things to consider when you choose a DUI attorney:


In choosing your legal representative for your DUI case, the first factor you need to consider is the attorney's level of experience with DUI cases. The reason for this is simple. The lawyer's practical knowledge of how DUI cases work will play a pivotal role. It could determine whether you'd spend some time cooling off in jail or whether you'd receive a simple slap on the wrist.

Having to consider the level of experience the attorneys at your disposal have with DUI cases places a demand on you to be patient and not choose a legal representative on the fly. It means you would have to take your time to make consultations and snoop around for advice and recommendations from people. Visit a Syracuse NY DUI’s firm, talk to the lawyers themselves about similar cases they have taken up. Just take your time.


As you dig around for information on the attorneys you’ve shortlisted, you'll likely get an idea of how they’re regarded within the system and the types of relationships they have with their clients, colleagues, and even judges. You must steer clear of troublemakers or lawyers with a track record of a misdemeanor as this might affect your chances of getting a favorable ruling – judges are humans, after all.

Also, find out how the attorney treats their clients. You don't want to work with someone who would compound your worries by giving you a hard time.

Take care to extend your search for information on an attorney's reputation to their firm, too. Sometimes, it's not the lawyer who has a bad name, but people hardly care, so going for a likable lawyer from an infamous law firm might still hurt your chances of getting a lenient sentence.


Accolades from recognized institutions or bodies can be a reliable scale to gauge an attorney's expertise, so don't disregard them. Listings on reputable platforms are some of the credible recognitions that demonstrate an attorney's quality, so feel free to inquire if the attorney holds such honors.

You can also request for a copy of the attorney's resume to have a general idea of their significant academic and court-room achievements as these can also tell you how smart they are.


While dealing with a DUI charge, the truth is, you need as much help as you can get. When you pay for the services of an attorney, you deserve to get one who’ll be on hand to work with you extensively on the case. However, this is not always so.

Many clients often find themselves working with lawyers who already have their eyes on the next case and don’t have so much time to spare. Your aim should be to avoid these types of attorneys at all costs.

So, before agreeing to a deal with any DUI attorney, ensure you’re guaranteed access to the person until the case is over.


While you don’t want to make price your major determining factor, it still cannot be ignored because, in the end, you don't want to incur debts in the process of hiring a legal representative. You need someone to help you so you don’t lose your driving privileges.

So, get quotations and compare prices to see what works for you. However, don't try to cut costs unnecessarily as this could boomerang unpleasantly. Instead, strike a balance between quality and affordability, and you should be fine.

Conclusion: Go For The Best

All the conditions above are to help you increase your chances of getting a favorable sentence by showing you how to select a competent DUI lawyer in Syracuse. So, don't be too blinded by remorse or guilt to carefully consider each criterion before making your decision on who would represent you in court.

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