I would love to do that, but I could never do it I am too old

Who says age should limit you from doing anything that you are passionate about?  In my opinion, age is just a number and should not limit you in any manner.  Prioritization becomes important in this hectic world in order to live comfortably, not necessarily contently.  As a result, sometimes the dreams to pursue your passion take a backseat.  Unrealised dreams can create a kink in positive energy. For example, most mothers put their families before themselves; their families may be happy but are all such mothers truly happy?  Prioritization does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams all together.  When the time is right, pursue them again and do not use age as an excuse.  It is wrong not to develop your passions into talents and further into realised dreams – the positive energy that overflows from a content you benefits not only you but also your fellow beings.  You will not get caught up in the competitive rat race to be perfect at your talent if you aim for self-fulfillment and inner peace.  Being open is key and avoid comparison to others; instead, learn from each other – you will be appreciated for your best.  So, the next time you think that you too old to materialize your dreams, think about these:

(1)   In 2012, 101-year-old Fauja Singh (the oldest marathon runner) ran the 26 miles and 385 yards in seven hours and 49 minutes’

(2)   India’s nightingale, Lata Mangeshkar, is a pleasure to listen to even at 83; she will be recording with Shankar Mahadevan soon. 


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