25 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend

25 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend

Group of friends hiking in nature

Intro: Lazy days are sometimes necessary but if you’re looking forward to Monday then you’re doing weekends wrong. Read on to find out the funnest of fun activities that you could be filling your weekends with, and never be bored again.

The great outdoors

A young couple having a romantic picnic on a lake

Adventurers, after a long week in the office we know you’re hankering for some fresh air and sunshine on your skin! We’ve got something just the thing…

1. Go for a hike

Hiking is good for your body, your mind, and dare we say it, your soul. Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Go on, take a hike (we mean that in the best way possible).

2. Have a picnic

Get out your linen blanket, your woven basket, and all your favourite finger foods, and enjoy a romantic picnic with your partner, or a casual picnic with friends and family. This is a great setting to wind down after a tough week and reconnect with those who matter.

3. Take your dog to the park

So heart-warming it is for a pet owner to watch their fur-babies frolic freely in the fields. Your animals love the outdoors just as much, if not more, than you do. Treat your dog today and remember the biscuits, leash, and poop scoop!

4. Make a bonfire

Bonfire, barbeque, braai – whatever kind of fire most lights you up. Gather your wood, your tribe, and your kebabs, and enjoy a night under the stars.

5. Watch the sunrise

Or sunset, if you’re not an early bird! There’s nothing quite as inspiring as the beauty of the rising sun. Birds chirping, quiet streets – this is the best time to reconnect with yourself and your sense of gratitude. If you’d rather sleep in, you can still enjoy the beauty of the natural world – why not take a drive to a look-out point, bring along a friend and a bottle of wine and relax into the night.

6. Garden

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or you’re simply a lover of indoor succulents, getting your hands into the earth and watching something grow is a grounding and rewarding hobby. As well as making your home and garden more beautiful!

7. Play or watch sports

Sports can be as traditional or as eccentric as you like. From a game of footie with your mates, to some acro yoga play – the choices are endless. Sports are a great way to keep fit in a fun way. And if weekends are your rest days from the gym, then pack some beers and enjoy your favourite sport from the stadium as a fan.

8. Ride a bike

Bike rides are an uplifting way to experience your surroundings in a fun, healthy way. City slickers, jump on your bike and take a ride around town, stopping at your favourite cafe and gallery as you explore. Nature lovers, you may prefer to head out of town to an offroad nature trail or ride in the countryside on a peaceful Sunday morning.

For the home bodies

Three girl friends having a spa day and taking a selfie with face masks on

These are for those of you who would really just prefer to stay at home, relax, recharge, and take it easy…

9. Play games

On your pc, on your phone, on your xbox or on your nintendo. Options are limitless.

10. Play online casino games

Whether you’re a poker king, a bingo queen, or really love to play slots online, online casino games offer much entertainment and the opportunity to win big!

11. Organise a games night

Put your bingo boots on, get the snack table ready, and call your most fun friends over for an evening of laughs and hopefully, some prizes too.

12. Have a movie night

Popcorn? Check. Netflix? Check. Fluffy blanket? Check. You’re good to go.

13. Host a dinner party

For those of you who find comfort (and creativity) in the kitchen, why not invite your friends over and share your love of pasta and wine. Better yet, connect with those who have the same passion for food as you, and start a dinner club, where everyone gets the chance to host and be a guest.

14.Try a new recipe

Your family or housemates will thank you for this (well, hopefully!). Whether you’re the head chef of the house or a 2 minute noodle kinda gal, adding a new recipe to your books is always a good idea. There are thousands of inspiring blogs offering just your kind of goodness. Lover of bread? Why not learn to make a loaf of sourdough, and some creamy hummus to go with that, please!

15. Check in with your goals

Creating time to review and contribute towards the fulfillment of your goals is not a cheap thrill but a soul enriching act. While some activities may offer temporary relief, fulfilling your goals gives you a lasting sense of satisfaction, as well as reducing stress as you gain confidence in your efforts and abilities.

16. Treat yourself

Now, we don’t mean treat yourself to ice-cream and brownies, though we definitely will not be the one to say no! Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and pampering, whether at home with a friend, or at your favorite spa. Enjoy a yoga class, a massage, and a facial, to have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated for the week ahead.

17. Read a book

Some people may not need any excuse to curl up and indulge, while others may need some more convincing. The key is to choose a subject you’re really interested in and passionate about, and find the best books on that topic. If reading really isn’t your thing, listen to a podcast!

Cultural activities

Closeup of man playing guitar with sunshine in the background

Keen to do something interesting and different to your day to day routine? These are for you…

18. Join a club

There’s pretty much one for everything – from book and writing clubs, to meditation clubs, fantasy sports leagues, and bingo clubs, these are a great way to connect with like minded folk, learn more about what you love, and share your enthusiasm with those who get it.

19. Learn to play an instrument

We all know you sing in your shower and air guitar to ACDC, so you might as well pursue your passion and learn the instrument you so love to listen to. Learning an instrument improves memory and cognitive function, makes you smarter and gives you something to share around the bonfire. It’s fun, fulfilling, and offers endless growth and exploration.

20. Attend an open-mic

So you’ve been practicing your instrument / comedy / poetry, but don’t know where to go from there? Enter the open mic. These evenings are fun, inspiring, and filled with friendly people who are non-judgemental and encouraging.

21.Try something new

Always wanted to try rock climbing? You should! Have a good eye? Why not take a few photography classes? They say how you spend your days is ultimately, how you spend your life. So get up off the couch, and do the thing you’ve been wanting to do.

22. Visit the farmers market

Wake up with the sunrise, lace up your boots, and take a drive to your local farmers market. Eat some apple pie, stock up on veggies for the week, and enjoy the marimba band and catching up with your neighbours.

23. Join a drumming circle

Whether you’re trance dancing in the circle or finding your own rhythm, drumming circles are an experience like no other. Connect with your roots and bang away.

24. Go dancing

Salsa, EDM, or heavy metal – the floor is yours!

Local artists of all kinds depend on your engagement to spread their art. You’ll often find absolute gems right in your hometown – if you know where to look. Connect with the movers, the shakers, and the makers who inspire you.

That’s a whole lot of fun waiting to be had

And there you have it folks, no more boredom or excuses, just a weekend filled with fun waiting for you!

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