The grass can be greener on our side

“I wish I had their life”, “Why can I not be successful like them?”, “Their house is much bigger than mine”, etc. are not uncommon echoes in many of our minds.  The glass always seems half empty on our side and half full on their side.  There is a constant struggle to mimic their lives because they somehow seem to have “perfect” lives.

 Very few of us are able to discover our own unique “perfect” lives and, in turn, are honestly happy.  The concept of a generic “perfect” life is a myth in a world of constant change.  Every person and thing on this Earth has a purpose within the larger scheme of such change – these purposes complement each other.  Discovering our own purpose may be challenging as it may mean going against the expected flow of the world; so, most of us opt for the easy way out and try to mimic someone who has already discovered true happiness.  However, trying to adopt means to achieve the “perfect” life of the truly happy person may be counterproductive. 

Each one of us is surrounded by different internal and external resources to carry us forth day-by-day; as a result, each one of us has different destinies.  Being inspired by the life journeys of the truly happy person should be encouraged but mimicking should be discouraged.  The inspiration should lead us to explore deeper our own potential and desires  even though it may mean standing out – this leads to sweet satisfaction beyond comprehension.  It is this satisfaction that translates into true happiness  and puts an end to the quest for “greener grass on the other side”.

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