Enhanced authority for Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

Australian anti-doping agency will now enjoy new authorities giving them a more strict command over suspect athletes. The new federal legislation was introduced ahead of the results of a year-long Australian Crime Commission (ACC) investigation, which provides the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) additional control to punish offenders.

According to the ACC report, there is concrete evidence that some athletes have strong association with organized criminal identities and groups.

Justice Minister Jason Clare said: “‘The ACC has found that professional sport in Australia is highly vulnerable to infiltration by organized crime. Multiple athletes from a number of clubs in major Australian sporting codes are suspected of currently using or having used peptides.  The findings are shocking and will disgust Australian sports fans. It’s cheating… but it’s worse than that. It’s cheating with the help of criminals.”

Analytical testing is to remain the basic means of handling dope cases; however, the new law states that ASADA has the authority to demand documents and call someone for interviews. It can also issue disclosure notices and fine those who fail to obey. Moreover, the ASADA chief

executive is also authorized to engage directly with sporting bodies regarding sanctioning the offenders.

Sports minister Kate Lundy said: “If persons of interest refuse to cooperate with ASADA investigations they will be liable for civil penalties.”

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