Gorilla Bokito died of heart failure

Gorilla Bokito

This article was last updated on April 6, 2023

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Gorilla Bokito died of heart failure

After an autopsy was performed on the remains of the 27-year-old gorilla Bokito, it was determined that he died of heart failure. On Thursday, Diergaarde Blijdorp, where Bokito lived, made the announcement. Further investigation into the heart of the gorilla will be conducted by a university research group in England to determine the underlying cause of the heart failure. Diergaarde Blijdorp reported that this research will contribute posthumously to scientific research to improve the welfare of great apes.

Bokito had been unwell since last Sunday, prompting the examination of his dung and close monitoring on Monday. However, since there was no improvement in his condition by Tuesday, it was decided to anesthetize him for further examination and administration of fluids. Unfortunately, Bokito passed away during anesthesia.

The remains of Bokito will be preserved, with components made available for scientific purposes and educational use. Born in Zoo Berlin on March 14, 1996, Bokito arrived in Rotterdam in 2005 as part of a European breeding program. In May 2007, he gained worldwide notoriety when he escaped from his enclosure and injured four people, including a woman who had visited him frequently and was seriously injured.

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